Sunday, 19 July 2009

From the Sand Dunes to the studio with Chrissie Red

Last week had a morning on my favorite beach, well, favorite 'Scottish' beach at least, with a male life model and I dragged along pal and model Chrissie Red to help out. I have had one session with Chrissie before and she is just so much fun to work with and always produces some fantastic images. so naturally could not pass up the opportunity to work on a few shots with her, this one is one of our faves that will make a dam fine large scale print !!

After playing on the beach we headed back to play in the studio with model James Foreman aka Jaystar, I wanted specifically to work on the bodyscapes project with a male but more on this and the male beach work soon.
A sample shot with Chrissie whilst waiting for James....
..thanks Chrissie...

Sunday, 12 July 2009


This is a project that I have been working on for quite a while but recently started to take this a little more seriously. This style of image is far from new but sometimes its good to put your own style to an old idea. Here are a few sample images produced for exhibition and print sale from sessions with pro models Ivory Flame, Joceline, and Dancer & life model Eenia.

These 3 samples are fairly similar in style re pose and lighting, other works offer variations - for up to date works I have stared a gallery on my own site

New blog

I have been meaning to start a blog dedicated to my art nude work for far too long but here it is at last (thanks for the prod Holly). I will be showing a mix of earlier and new work and will be sharing some info on how the shoots were done, and why. For many shooting art nude is an expensive hobby, but for me it is for 2 reasons.

Firstly this work really helps my portrait commission work, even for clothed clients as the lighting and posing is more of a challenge working with a nude, this is not dissimilar to life drawing helping an artist working with pencil, paint or clay. This has the added benefit as many individual have a secret passion to be photographed naked but may be too shy or scared to suggest it, having a portfolio of tasteful images helps break down these reservations.

And secondly some of the works are offered for sale as prints as I live in the world where I need to make a living - and its good to share my work with folk that are prepared to pay for it.

To kick off here is an old favorite that has been rather successful in print sales, in competitions and general public response. Shot 2 years ago locally to my home with professional Model KatyT.