Sunday, 6 February 2011

Model Profile - Fredau

Had the pleasure of day and a half last year with model Fredau last year, Dutch by origin presently living in Edinburgh. Simply one really lovely girl and living proof that you can have great looks, blonde hair, personality and a switched on brain all in one person.
We did a couple of hours mainly for my Dancers in the Dark project but as ever took the opportunity to get some portraits for the old portfolio.

Next day was a location shoot tagging along with Tim Pile and his 'ladies'. We found a rather interesting deserted building not too far away, dirty, damp, full of hazards but just a great place for us creative types.... Light was a bit challenging not least of all as the sun was in and out all day but the shots worked fine, well most did !!. A few were rushed or missed altogether but that's the way things are sometimes when the available time runs out before the inspiration.

And now something that is not uncommon, the shoot was planned as an art nude session but the one image that has done well for me is a grabbed portrait during a break, Fredau put some clothes on to warm up so never missing an opportunity took some window light portaits. This one is virtually as taken apart from a little dodging and burning and was accepted into the 2011 RPS members print exhibition now touring the country :-)
This shot has also been well received on ArtLimited.
Thanks Fredau