Thursday, 3 December 2009

Raphaella and 'that sofa'

Its seems ages ago, probably because it was, that I had the pleasure of working with Raphaella, a model from the North of England, although she has since moved to the states but am assured it was nothing to do with our shoot !.
I booked her for a half day at good old Contrast Studio in Glasgow to do some more for my dancer series and so glad I did, amazing young model and got just what I was looking for to compliment the rest of the work. Have had the first full sized print done and its safely in a frame, not one to brag but its stunning, will be showing online once it has been previewed in a gallery, its still several months away from finishing but have already got one art gallery interested.... brill !
Anyway, back on subject at the end of the session we did some portraits and some arty stuff, she has got an amazing look and is very versatile, some of these shots were a bit rushed as we were both somewhat worn out with the dance shots but in a way this can help as we were both thinking on our feet, some images are ruined by too much planning and thought, we just went with the flow and let instinct take control.

For those that have used Cons place you wil recognise the sofa and I make no apology for using it, almost a testament to the location and I bet it could tell a few stories over the years!
Thanks Raphaella, when you back in the UK let me know. And also thanks to Con, just about the best studio owner around, but then his normal day is filled with models like this hanging around with very little on, no wonder he always looks happy !!