Sunday, 21 August 2011

August Stuff

We are once more in a bit of a tissy getting ready for our Open Studio event which kicks of on Sat Sept 3rd and runs thru to the 11th. This year I will be exhibiting some recent black and white landscape and figure works alongside the Dancers work including a preview of what may be my next main project...
My Dancers in the Dark exhibition in Stirling is finally drawing to a close, whilst it's great having work out there earning a living it's been rather a long time and must now seem like being permanent decor, and having the work back will give me the opportunity to find new audiences, have some interest from a couple of Art Galleries so who knows.
Celebration time - Had an email yesterday announcing a winning result from the Black and White Spider awards, although these are published a while ago the email announcements have just gone out. My image "Male on Plinth" received an honorable mention in the Nude category so it will be featured in their annual publication - cool !! Results
The early entry deadline is already upon us so better think about entries for next years comp already.!!
The image was with professional dancer Tony at the end of a dance shoot session at Contrast Studio in Glasgow. This was not scripted, Tony just pulled this pose for fun whilst we were packing up. Sometimes the best shots are the ones that we are not expecting !

And to round off the month we have contributed even more work into a Photo only exhibition at Gordon McFarlanes Gallery in Alloa. Its been arranged by Tim Shaw and fellow photographers Amanda and John and runs untill the end of Sept. There is an impressive range of landscape and floral work definitely worth a visit. I seem to be the only photographer offering nude work, all very tasteful of course and the owner Neil seems to be a bit of a fan. I decided to add in a couple of old prints of Holly on a light table that have been kicking about in the workshop for far too long, sorry Holly. Unfortunately one got damaged so it's come back for new glass, not the first time but this happens.
These were shot during my second and last light table shoot back in about 2007/8 ?, couldn't think how to take this idea further at the time then my neighbor wanted her sheet of toughened glass back - the bugger !!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Stripped II

Recent work has been rather mundane with stuff that pays the bills - well, nearly :-0, and young Tim has not been up for a while so have had to arrange my own shoots - come back soon Tim !!

I had a wonderful day with a friend in the week capturing some relaxed naked portraits of her in her own home, I have done a number of personal naked portraits sessions over the past 12 months that will form a squeal to my wee book 'Stripped', this time it will be normal folk, no experienced models or regular nuddy posers, its intended as a study of folk that would not normally be photographed naked, either something on their bucket list or at the request of their partner. Its amazing how many folk want to do this but are either shy to ask or have problems finding a photographer that they either trust or whose style they like - this is not Boudoir photography, no makeover or wardrobe of dodgy french lingerie, just real, honest people - Stripped !.

The books are really portfolios of my work and a way to allow folk to see themselves in print without going public. There is no exchange of cash as I find as soon as the dreaded issue of payment comes in then it becomes too commercial and I have turned folk away that expect a sitting fee as they will be more interested in seeking financial gain, that's not what it is about.

A sample of the images for the first book are included in the Stripped portraits bit of my site as these are of models or friends that are fine about being published, but due to the nature of the work for the second book I am not able to show the images online, at least not yet, respecting customer confidentiality etc and holding work back until the book is published. Even then it will only be available to participants and close friends, neither were ever intend to be released for the general public. There will be some samples of Stripped II on my website but only at the express request of those concerned. Link to my bookshop....

So far have done a couple of guys in their late 20s, and a lady and gent in their fifties, plus I have a few willing volunteers keen but not been able to fix a date. The deal is I offer them sample pics on CD and a copy of the book when done. Am really pleased with the work so far but do need a few more participants to complete the book.

So, cannot have a blog without pics so here are a few shots from work done earlier in the year to decorate the post.

A new line in wall decoration :)
Emily, Plinth and Chair - studio session for FA Prints..
... and a day at the beach with Katie...