Tuesday, 20 April 2010

7 days... 5 models ... 2 photographers(+1)

Well, when Tim Pile asked for me to suggest a few models and locations for his trip to Scotland who would have thought how things would end up. I was keen to help out and this enthusiasm turned into something of an epic week. So far we are at the end of day 3

Sun was working locally with Ivory Flame.

Mon and Tues were with Chrissie Red and Rory helping out gadding about Fife and Perthshire finishing with a day on the beach.

Tomorrow we are off to Arran for 2 days with Bonnie Scot, Friday a day in the highlands with Ivory Flame and Madame Bink. And to round the week off (travel permitting) will be a day locally with Joceline.

Plan is to get a few location art nude shots, if we cannot get some great images with this line up of models then our cameras will be on ebay at the weekend !!