Sunday, 18 October 2009

Formal recognition.... :-)

Great personal news !!! the Royal Photographic Society as honored me with an Associate Distinction in the field of Visual Art.
What the heck does that mean ?, well, basically I have become an ARPS !
The work submitted was from a year long project using my life drawing background and fine art photography for a figure study looking at the form, balance and symmetry of the human form. I am really pleased to gain recognition with art nude photographic work as it so often gets put to one side as as being somewhat under appreciated as an 'accepted' subject. Also I had recently tried for a similar qualification with work from this project which was not quite so successful, but that's more about the RPS seeing this genre of photography in a different way. I was somewhat reserved about this submission for various reasons but thanks to Roy for persuading me to go ahead.A selection of images from the full panel of 15 images, one from each subject.

Finally a huge thanks to models Hannah, Holly, Joceline, Justin and John for your creative help ... and your patience !

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

A day with Katie Louise

Working with a new model is always a mix of excitement and anticipation, you see the profile, read the gushing credits, chat about what you want to do etc, but its only when you meet and start working that you know if its all going to happen for both of you.
Well, last week was one of those situations, Katie was on a trip to the highlands to 'work with new photographers in stunning locations', and I am so glad she did just that !!We started with a few shots in a rather dilapidated old building nearby, it was rather cold , damp, with stuff on the floor you really don't want to know about (lets just say there are a lot of sheep around...sorry, too much info there !!) but the light and atmosphere was great and Katie really got into it like the pro that she is - a minor sacrifice for our art ....

After a few short outdoor sessions to use the local scenery we then retired to the warmth, comfort and privacy of a village hall for some arty dance shots which have turned out just stunning. One of the reasons for wanting to work with Katie was her dance / ballet background and so I had high expectations for these images, and she was just perfect for the series which is an ongoing project that is now almost ready for print .... more on this when complete ...

So, a great day in great locations, and working with a terrific model who is just so easy and fun to work with... and wearing just about the best pair of purple fury boots you could imagine !!
She is threatening to come back in the spring and we have plans already for what we will be looking to do.... really looking forward to it.

...oh, and one last thing ... not only did Katie muck in setting up and help break down the lighting etc in the hall, but what others have not mentioned is that she also knows how to coil up cables - am well impressed !!!

Thanks Katie xx
ps - we must do pie and chips again sometime !!

Katie on Purestorm