Sunday, 30 October 2011

Photography Masters Cup 2011

This years awards have recently been announced and the winners and nominations images now made public. I had a small success with a nomination in the Fine Art Category, I normally enter about 4-5 images into this or the Nude category but there is a lot of overlap between accepted images for each so it's all a bit of a lottery.
Slightly bitter sweet for me this year, whilst it's great to have the nomination which bearing in mind the number of entries across the planet is an achievement, but like other years I felt other images were as strong for this comp in the Nude category but hey, gift horse and mouth etc.

My nominated image is from the Dancers in the Dark project with a shot of Katy taken in Contrast Studio in Glasgow last year. This is one of my faves for the project and was more Fine Art than Nude hence the category entry. I was concerned that as the images are developed for fine art print that a lot of the subtly of these images are lost as jpegs and have clearly changed by the time they hit their site but I guess not enough to knock it back.
Looking back at all the entries shows the shear diversity of work, some I like, some I admire and inspires me, and some ... well ... each to their own eh !

I always wonder how much time the judges get to view each image and what their criteria are when faced with such a large number, especially as there must be so many in similar styles. I can see work in there that is very similar to some of my own entries and do they favour a spread of photographers and countries ? Either way it's such a varied competition and worth spending some time pouring through both the Pro and Amateur entries.

The Photo Masters Cup is related to the Black and White Spider Awards which gave me an Honorable Mention with a male nude this year. blog link


Tim Pile said...

Yay Dave, very well done and well deserved :)

Don't think I've seen that particular image, but it looks super.

A lot of your images are quite subtle, so I can see your concern about them being tranformed into JPEG's, particularly as you are such a great print worker.

All the best, and keep up the winning streak.

Brian Achille said...

Quite an awesome shot Dave. The lighting is quite dramatic and the sense of movement and flow is exquisite. I'm thinking perhaps in this current climate of photography there is an overemphasis on 'focus', but I think what you created here with a longer exposure is so much more alive.

Dave Hunt said...

Thanks Brian, that's exactly what I am creating with this series, its all about the spirit of the movement, and yes, many folk are rather caught up with sharpness. Comment appreciated.