Sunday, 5 February 2012

Art Nude virginity....

Been a bit of a quiet spell for photography in general especially personal stuff.

So, have been sorting out work and recreated my website, now with more pics and less waffle, and most important mobile and tablet friendly. I used Viewbook which was actually a bit of an uphill battle, Viewbook is great but I had to keep some of my url's the same as some are in printed promotions.. sorry, boring stuff .. move on.

In sorting out my work I came across the very first location and studio art nude sessions I ever did, when I say studio read my flat in Glasgow !

My first location shoot was with model Natasha from south England who was traveling around Scotland, at the time she had a high profile on Net-Model. It was mid December and bloody cold, we only had an hour so headed up from Glasgow to the shores of Loch Lomond to a spot I know and took our chances with being left alone. It was only afterwards that I realised how nervous I was, not so much shooting a nude but doing the whole outdoors thing but Tash was great, confident and professional. It was back in 2004, amazing how time has just flown by.

After the shoot I dropped her off at Contrast Studio so she could have a kip before getting the train home, next time I visited Con at Contrast found out my nickname there was 'That evil bastard that froze poor Tash..' all in good taste of course:)

One very cold model .. sorry Tash !

Then later in 2005 I met Sarah, she was a Yoga teacher and was life modelling at a class I attended, she had fantastic muscle tone so I suggested a photo shoot which she had never done before but she was keen. Had my rather simple Jessops Studio light kit which looking back was rather harsh but it was a great intro into lighting the human form. We did a second shoot which somehow lacked the energy of the first probably as I was just repeating the first session, a valuable lesson. Some of the shots were great and was really chuffed when she asked for some prints for her partner ..... and her Mum !. That was a real compliment.
 I have always felt that getting into studio art nude from my background in life drawing has been a major influence in the style of my work, probably why I never got into tacky glamour style images so much, to me it's all about shape and form. Also looking back going to life classes got me past the whole 'oh, I am talking to a naked lady' thing.
Sarah on s plinth ..... well, lounge coffee table !
So, I am now looking back over 7 years with more art nude sessions in the can than I can remember, taking into account that they were firsts I can see how I could have done better but I am far from ashamed of the results.

Not a bad start to a genre of photography that I never planned to get into, and it did develop into 2 Associate qualifications :)

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