Sunday, 19 February 2012

Feb 2012

A few weeks ago I accepted a call for a photographer to take pics of a local artist dong a full body paint. June McEwan is a really splendid artist that creates some wonderful figure and landscape painting works. She also has a talent as a face painter and she wanted to try developing her body art.
For now just a few pics from the session in progress, finished works images not yet available for me to publish

We had a great day and in the spirit of collaboration June and I are hoping to do something more in a style of my own work as a follow up session with a model from Perth.
Following on the painting theme an acrylic done during a recent local school highers class art study day.
4 Artists, 3 hrs, 1 pose. I cannot claim to be the artists (I so wish I could), just the well rested subject.
And to finish something from the archives - a shot taken a number of years ago in my Glasgow flat when I was in my experimenting with lighting the nude phase.
I have resurrected this image  to use in a project using the torso as a base for digital art, and also its a great shot for demonstrating lighting for my fine art studio workshops where we use a life model for part of the session. more details :

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