Saturday, 11 February 2012

Image theft

Sure, this happens all the time, but who the flaming heck is some low life called Maxim Ivanov, sounds well dodgy.

Below is a link to a post by blogger who calls herself Graceful Goddess, her blog is Lens Erotica that has included a pic of mine but credited to some idiot Maxim Ivanov who has no doubt claimed copyright. Now its a form of flattery to have other use your work and they may be innocent in referencing pics found on the web to the wrong artist, but that's no excuse for being a prat (trying to keep it clean). Shame, cos there are some lovely images and words on their blog but can you believe anything on it.... 

And now for the real issue and whats prompted this rant.. I am often accused of always looking for the good in folk so in my naive way was thinking this may be a genuine error of identity so just get in touch with the author or photographer and point out the error, give them a chance to explain. But can I .. nah !! - cannot find any way to contact either, all I know about said individual is that they are female (narrows it down by 50%)....  I have little time for folk that hide behind their online persona - all this 'I wish to be anonymous' rubbish is just immature - if you are using others work and not willing to be approached to answer for your talk then you should keep your thoughts to yourself !!

Image in question is my Tree of Life image taken back in 2006 when model KatyT was in Scotland (was my second ever session with her),  its won competitions and generated sales, as I said that's life as we live in a world of insecure folk that have to plagiarize to be noticed.

Tree of life by Dave Hunt
that's me, not Maxim Ivanov - who ever the heck he/she/it is .. !!

There, that's that off my chest, time to report abuse to Google :)

Maybe if I mention Maxim Ivanov again this blog may be found in web searches so folk can see how he/she/it operates.


Tim Pile said...

What a bugger, how did you find out about it as it's obviously been up for sometime?

Can't you report the blog to Google and get it taken down?

Super picture by the way :)

Dave Hunt said...

Thanks Tim.

It was actually Katy herself that found, maybe using 'who stole my images' plugin.

Yup, have reported the abuse but guess Blogger get tons of these so will take a while to filter through.

Shadowscapestudio said...

A truly classic image that all of us who either know you or Katy would recognize.
I recently found one of mine on a blog from Russia that was claiming to the the author of the blog. I left a comment on it but that was as far as it went. Pisses a person off when that takes place and I wish there was a button for blowing these people out of the water on our computers. Maybe some day.

Dave Hunt said...

There is some justice in the world - as a result of me reporting this as abuse of copyright Google has reviewed the blog and removed the entry and image - still no way of contacting the blogger but at least the saddo is no longer claiming credit. :-)